Protect applications from reverse engineering and analyzing.


Copy protection

Protect software from illegal distribution from one computer to another.


Password protection

Protect access to applications with password string.


Trial mode

Enable trial (demo) mode with execution, date, fixed date and timer limits.


Serial numbers

Mark and track each copy of protected software with unique serial number.


USB locking

Lock software to USB storage device or USB network adapter.


Machine locking

Lock software to target computer with flexible locking policy.


Folder lock

Lock application to its installation directory.


Easy to use

Out-of-the-box, ready to use, software copy protection solution.


Secure distribution

Securely distribute software over the Internet or on any distribution media.


Royalty free

Protect and distribute unlimited number of your applications.


User control

Control type of Windows users allowed to access protected application.


Limit instances

Limit number of protected application instances per computer.


License removal

Allow your clients to securely remove licenses from their computers.


License transfer

Allow your client to transfer their licenses from one computer to another.


License extension

Easily update issued license parameters by using license extension feature.


Languages editor

Easily manage user interface messages for applications with languages editor.


Custom dialogs

Use your own dialogs instead of default interface dialogs.


Custom features

Easily enable or disable different features for protected application.


Custom counters

Securely manage (change/save) custom values directly from your application.


IP filtering

Limit access to computers with specific IP addresses or sub-domains.


Runtime encryption

RTE encrypted code code will always stay encrypted in memory.


Network licensing

Control number of workstations accessing protected application.


Updates policy

Control access to application updates with updates policy.


VM detection

Prevent usage of application on virtual machines.


Remote access

Disable remote access to protected application.


Node.js apps

Special support for Node.js nexe and pkg created applications.


Python apps

Special support for Python Pyinstaller and Nuitka created applications.