PC Guard is using project files for storing project settings.

Project files are text files with .prj extension and can be viewed and edited manually but we don't recommend doing this. Project settings should be changed only from PC Guard's user interface.

Project files can be shared between all editions of PC Guard.

Creating new project

Use File/New project main menu option to create new project. If existing project settings are changed and not saved you will be prompted to save existing setting before creating new project.

Saving project files

Use File/Save or File/Save As main menu options to save current project settings to a project file. Project settings can also be quickly saved by clicking on Save button (main toolbar).

Loading project files

Use File/Open project main menu option to load previously saved project file.

Use File/Recent projects main menu option to quickly load one of recently used project files.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to backup your project files. Project files are required for generation of valid activation codes for your application, generation of serial numbers and so on. They contain important security data that was used for protection of your applications so keep them safe and secure.