Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - 09:41

New PC Guard V6 service build has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard V6 users!

What's new:

[+] Windows users access control feature.

"Windows users access control" option added to security settings.

Following value are available for this option:

1. All users

Both administrators and standard users can access protected application. (DEFAULT)

2. Administrator users only

Only administrator users (users from administrators group and with elevated privileges) can access protected application.

If application is not run by administrator users with elevated privileges User_Admin_Required error message ("This application can be run only by Windows user with administrator rights!") will be displayed.

3. Standard (restricted) users only.

Only standard (restricted) users can access protected application.

If application is run by users with elevated privileges User_Std_Required ("This application can not be run by Windows administrator users!") error message will be displayed.

[-] "Enable access for restricted users" is no longer available and has been removed from General settings.

Use new "Windows users access control" option to selected if restricted users are allowed to access protected application by choosing "All users" or "Standard (restricted) users" value.

By default, this option is set to "All users" (access is enabled to restricted users).

[#] RTE help is now integral part of online user guide.

Local .chm file is no longer included in distribution.

[*] Update check improved.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with this one.