Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 11:37

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

What's new:

[*] Machine locking: NET ID algorithm has been improved.

- Only enabled network adapters are scanned.

- Virtual network adapters are detected and not used for locking.

- Only physical wired or wireless adapters including usb adapters are used for locking.

- Internal physical network adapters now have priority over external USB network adapters. 

- There is no longer need for disconnecting external network adapters on first activation to avoid locking to external network adapters.

- Only in case no internal network adapters are found protection code will use external USB network adapters for NET ID.

- If there are multiple valid network adapters protection code will use first found valid network adapter for initial NET ID.

- All network adapters are scanned when validating initial NET ID.

IMPORTANT: Application updates protected with this build could reset existing license in case NET ID locking was enabled, flexible locking is off and original NET ID value on remote computer was 0 (previous update was not able to obtain NET ID).

[+] Protection report now includes detailed information about smart dll handling feature.

[*] Improved memory handling for dll modules.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.