Set of useful add-on tools for PC Guard software copy protection system

Activation suite (ACCS) provides you with the tools you need to integrate generation of activation codes into your own desktop application (AC Generator API) and over your Internet connection (AC Generator WEB). It also allows you to securely let other authorized parties such as software vendors generate activation codes for you (AC Generator) with full control over license management process.

Activation suite (ACCS) includes:

AC Generator (single license)
AC Generator is a standalone desktop application intended for generation of standard and extended activation codes, validation of serial numbers and generation of activation files.

AC Generator API
Integrate generation of activation codes and serial numbers into your desktop application.

AC Generator WEB
Integrate generation of activation codes over Internet connection.

Sample source code and scripts are provided to get you started right away.


- Both PC Guard family product and ACCS should be licensed to same company/person. Only in this case ACCS will generate valid activation codes.

- For example, if your competitor is also using our copy protection software he will not be able to generate valid activation codes for your applications or load and use parameters files generated with PC Guard family products licensed to your company. 


Activation suite documentation with source code examples is available on request.