AC Generator API is a dynamic-link library (DLL) module.

It is providing API (application programming interface) for easy integration of generation of activation codes, generation and validation of serial numbers and generation of activation files for applications protected with any PC Guard Software Protection System family product into your application from almost any development environment.


Both 32bit (acgapi) and 64bit (acgapi64) versions of API are included in AC Generator API.


The following source code examples are included:

- acgapi_cpp (C++ VS 2019 example project)

- acgapi_cs (C# VS 2019 example project)

- acgapi_vbnet (VB.NET VS 2019 example project)

- acgapi_vb6 (VB 6 definitions)


In order to call API functions your need to add appropriate definitions to your source code.

C/C++ definitions are included in sample c++ project (acgapi.h header file).

VB.NET definitions are included in sample VB.NET project (Module.vb file)

C# definitions are included in sample C# project (Program.cs file)

VB 6 definitions are located sample VB 6 archive (acgapi.vb file)

API component can be called outside of development environment (like Visual Studio) only. Since API component is encrypted all calls made from debugged environment will produce exceptions.
NOTE: Do not distribute AC Generator API library together with your application to your end user! This component is intended to be used on your site only.