Yes, you can use PyInstaller, Nuitka or py2exe to package your code and then PC Guard to additionally encrypt and protect packaged Python applications.


Both One-Folder (recommended) and One-File PyInstaller bundling methods are supported. PC Guard's advanced overlay management (AOM) and internal overlay encryption are by default enabled for PyInstaller created applications. This unique protection solution offered by PC Guard means that PyInstaller data which contains actual Python code of your application and is attached to PyInstaller loader stub (exe) will also be additionally encrypted.

PyInstaller bundled applications can be successfully digitally signed after protection.

PC Guard for Win32 (.NET) supports PyInstaller Python 2.7 and 3.x 32bit applications and PC Guard for Win64 (.NET64) supports PyInstaller Python 3.x 64bit applications.

PyInstaller 6.x changed the way one-folder bundles are generated. All files except the main executable are located in a sub-directory named '_internal'. PC Guard will check for this sub-folder during protection process and will show a warning message if it is not detected. Only one-folder bundles are supported in case of PyInstaller 6.x.


PC Guard also includes out-of-the-box support for Python applications created by Nutika. Nuitka created applications have different structure so AOM and internal overlay encryption are not applicable for these applications.


py2exe is a Python Distutils extension which converts Python scripts into executable Windows programs, able to run without requiring a Python installation.

Advanced overlay management (AOM) and internal overlay encryption are automatically enabled for py2exe applications.

Support includes detection and AOM internal overlay encryption for py2exe Python 2.7 32bit applications.
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