Valid tech support and updates subscription allows you to remove your license 24/7 in our online activation center.

You should remove your license:

- if you want to move license to another computer.
- before formatting your hard drive
- before flashing motherboard bios or cd/dvd firmware
- before installing new operating system
- before erasing all files from hard drive
- before doing any other operation which could change site/mid codes.

Use the following procedure to remove your current license:

- Select 'Remove license' option from HELP menu.

- Click on "Remove license" button to remove license.

Alternatively, you can invoke activation dialog during startup and remove license there:

- Toggle scroll-lock key before running PC Guard.

- Activation dialog box should pop-up.

- Select 'Remove license' radio button.

- Enter your original activation code and press 'Continue' button.

- Press 'OK' to approve license removal process.

- Removal code dialog box will pop-up at this point.

Once you have valid removal code you can login to activation center and remove license or transfer it to new computer:

- Login to activation center with your username/password.

- Open list of licenses for appropriate order in the list of orders by clicking on licenses button

- Click on license removal button for license you want to remove.

- Set previously obtained Removal code.

- Click on Remove license button.

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