License reactivation is for the most software products done automatically.

Software will automatically connect to our activation center and request license reactivation. New license will be granted accordingly to our current machine locking policy.

In case too many locking parameters are different our support will receive auto-generated email with reactivation request and process it as soon as possible. Once license is reactivated by our support Software will pick up new license on next run.


For products where license reactivation is not managed automatically please use the following procedure to reactivate license on original computer:

- If required, replace computer broken part with new one and reinstall required software.

- Login to activation center with your username/password.

- Open list of licenses for appropriate order in the list of orders by clicking on licenses button

-Click on license update button for license you want to reactivate.

- Set new Site code and Machine ID values. License note is optional.

- Leave Removal code field empty.

- Click on Update license button.

- Our activation system will be able to determine if new Site/MID codes are coming from original computer.

- In case too many hardware locking parameters are different you will be asked to contact our support department.

License management requires valid Subscription.
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