There are applications which you can not protected with PC Guard software protection system. Here are some examples:

a) Some non-standard applications with internal overlay.

Most non-programming application development tools are using internal overlay (additional data located at the end of standard Win32 application). Internal overlay is repositioned after protection and usually can not be located successfully by protected application afterwards. Macromedia Director standalone executables are good example of such files. These files require special support - additional code which will manage internal overlay successfully.

PC Guard includes special support for ma many non-standard applications. Full list of supported applications is included in product documentation.

PC Guard also includes Advanced Overlay Management (AOM) code. AOM is a new, universal approach for managing protection of non-standard applications with internal overlay. Until AOM, we've been implementing different solution for each of these applications. The main purpose of new AOM code is to provide universal support for non-standard applications.

In general, protect your program and try it. If it works than it does not need additional support.

Turning OFF "Encrypt internal overlay" option could help for some files with internal overlay which are managed via AOM.

If you encounter problems in running files with internal overlay please contact us and we'll try to add special support for your applications.

b) Files with internal anti-virus or integrity check functions

Such file will generate an error after protection and will refuse to run as file structure is changed after protection - file is encrypted and additional protection code is added to it. If you want to protect such file you should remove integrity check functions. Self-extracting archives, setup files, previously packed or protected executables with integrity check functions are also goods examples of such files.

c) Badly linked files with strange header information and files with damaged structure

If your application refuses to run and it does not belong to files from a) and b) it probably belongs to this group. Please send us such application so we can make some further analyzing and testing and get back to you with some solution.

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