Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 10:56

New build for Activation center (ACEN) has been released.

What's new:

[+] Flexible locking policy added to Program settings.

Flexible locking options are now available on both system and Program level.

As before, default system flexible locking policy can be defined in ACEN options. These settings are stored in acen.config configuration file. 

Custom flexible locking policy can now be defined for each program in program settings. Flexible locking can now be also turned off in Program settings.

New options are added to program (activation section) settings:

- "Flexible locking" option (Default: ON)

If enabled, flexible locking will be enabled for program.

If disabled, flexible locking will not be enabled for program. This means that user will not be able to reactivate licenses for this program and even single change in locking parameters will result in "Too many locking parameters are different" error.

- "Use default system flexible locking policy" option (Default: ON)

If enabled, default system flexible locking policy will be used for this program.

If disabled, custom flexible locking policy will be used for this program. Valid flexible locking policy has to be set for this program in this case.

[*] "Client can manage licenses for this order" option will now be available in Order panel only in case activation is required for Program.


General upgrading procedure:

If you are upgrading from 04.50.00 version be sure to run database upgrade script (4.50.00-4.60.00.sql)

After installing this update and upgrading database, flexible locking will be enabled for all existing programs in database. By default, all programs will be set up to use default system flexible locking policy.