List of main SourceArmor .NET obfuscator features

Overloaded renaming

Rename types, methods, events, properties, parameters, fields, events and resources.

Compression and encryption of embedded resources

Easily compress and encrypt embedded resources for additional protection.

String encryption

Encrypt all strings (text messages) inside methods.

Control flow obfuscation

Alter the flow of control within the methods by reordering instructions and loops.


Compress, encrypt, tamper proof and package .NET applications into single executable.

All .NET framework versions are supported

SourceArmor supports all .NET framework versions (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.x)

All .NET cpu targets are supported

SourceArmor supports x86, AnyCpu and x64 .NET applications.

Support for Mixed .NET applications

SourceArmor supports mixed mode .NET applications (with both managed and unmanaged code).

Support for all Windows .NET applications

Windows Forms applications, Console applications, Windows Services, Control and Class Libraries, WPF Applications and libraries are all supported.

Support for ASP .NET WEB applications

SourceArmor supports precompiled ASP .NET WEB applications.

Metadata pruning

Let SourceArmor remove unrequired metadata members.

Disassembler suppression

Suppress disassembly to IL by using popular disassemblers.

Insertion of invalid IL

Decompilation tools will fail to analyze methods with invalid instructions.

Advanced control of obfuscation process

Easily exclude (GUI) specific metadata elements from obfuscation.

Custom naming policy

Choose the way members are renamed.

Strong name signature management

Strong name signature removal and re-signing of obfuscated assemblies.

GUI and command line interface

Use SourceArmor from comfortable and easy to use GUI environment or run it from command line.

Detailed obfuscation reporting

SourceArmor will generate detailed obfuscation report after successful obfuscation process.