This method will generate standard/extended activation code and removal code for application protected with any V6 PC Guard family product.

NOTE: For applications protected with old PC Guard for Win32/.NET V5 please use V5_GenerateActivationCode method.


SiteCode, MachineID, ProgramID and AppSignature properties are mandatory for both standard and extended activation codes.

If any of extend activation flags (EA_UpdateDemo, EA_UpdateLimitedLicense, EA_UpdateMaxAppInstances, EA_UpdateCustomCounters) is set, method will return extended activation code. Standard activation code will be generated otherwise.

Be sure to set appropriate extended activation limitations (options) if you are generating extended activation code. 

For example, if you are updating limited license limitations you need to set both EA_UpdateLimitedLicense flag and appropriate limitations. 

If you are updating custom counters you need to set both EA_UpdateCustomCounters and custom counter values (EA_Counter01 - 10) and so on.

Use InitEAD method to reset extended activation properties to default values.

Input properties

Mandatory input properties: SiteCode, MachineID, ProgramID and AppSignature.

Optional  input properties:

Features and extended activation properties.

Output properties

This method will set ActivationCode and RemoveCode and ResponseCode properties.

Response code

In case of success method will return STATUS_OK.

In case of error appropriate error response code is returned.