Monday, October 2, 2023 - 10:28

New build for Activation center (ACEN) has been released today.


What's new:

[+] Localization of client interface.

Clients can now select UI language at login page and in their account settings if this feature is enabled (see below notes about "Enable language selector" option).

The following translations from default English language are currently available:

Czech (Czech Republic) (cs-CZ)
Danish (Denmark) (da-DK)
German (Germany) (de-DE)
Greek (Greece) (el-GR)
Spanish (Spain) (es-ES)
Finnish (Finland) (fi-FI)
French (France) (fr-FR)
Hebrew (Israel) (he-IL)
Hungarian (Hungary) (hu-HU)
Italian (Italy) (it-IT)
Dutch (Netherlands) (nl-NL)
Polish (Poland) (pl-PL)
Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)
Slovak (Slovakia) (sk-SK)
Swedish (Sweden) (sv-SE)

[+] "Enable language selector" option added to client interface settings (default: OFF).

If this option is enabled language selector will be available at login page and in client account settings.

Culture information is set in web.config file (default culture and UI culture is set to "en-GB"). If translation for this culture is available, language selector will be automatically set to that language. If not, default selector value will be set to "English" language.

More info...

[*] Multiple other fixes and optimizations.


No database changes are required for this release.  General upgrading procedure is available here.