STEP 0: Before installing the latest build be sure to uninstall old activation center (ACEN) distribution files (by default, these are installed in '\Program files' subfolder) from your local computer by running activation center uninstall application. Once this is done, proceed with installing the latest build.

Latest ACEN installer will automatically detect if there is existing version of ACEN already installed and offer to uninstall it before installing the latest build.

STEP 1: Identify your existing activation center version (version information is available in admin dashboard).

STEP 2: Identify required database upgrade scripts.

All SQL scripts are located in /database sub-folder. All scripts are named accordingly to ACEN version.

For example, upgrade script for upgrading database from 3.10.00 to 3.20.00 version is named: 3.10.00-3.20.00.sql

You need to run upgrade scripts on your SQL server, one by one, starting from the oldest one.

Be sure to set correct database name in each script if your are not using default database name (acdb).

STEP 3: Preserve original /conf/acen.config file in order to save existing ACEN settings.

STEP 4: Delete previous version of ACEN and install latest build files.

STEP 5: Restore previously saved original /conf/acen.config file.

STEP 6: Review whatsnew.txt document and make required changes (if any) to configuration files. For example, set original culture information in web.config if you were using custom culture information and not default one.