Set required access rights for acen.config (optional)

For some old builds of ACEN you may be required to add write access for this file for IIS user (default: IIS_IUSR) so that ACEN can write to this file. Once you change access permissions be sure to restart ACEN web site in IIS. Write access is no longer required since 4.90.00 version.

Set required rights for \backup folder for MS SQL Server (optional) 

In order to be able to make database backups MS SQL server should have write access to \backup folder so adding of write access for backup folder for MS SQL account (usually: NT Service\MSSQLSERVER) may be required.

First time use

- Login as 'admin' user with default password '123456'. Admin dashboard page will open.

- Click on 'Users' button and you will be redirected to users page. Change default password for 'admin' account and go back to admin dashboard.

- Click on 'Options' button. You will be redirected to options page. Review and set all options per your requirements. Go back to admin dashboard.

- Maintenance panel will be displayed if additional tasks are required. Proceed as instructed.

- Activation center is now ready for first use.

- You can now start adding programs to database.

- As you sell your programs you will be adding clients and their orders to database (standard licensing).

- As soon as client information is added to database client will be able to login and use activation center for managing personal information and licenses.

NOTE: Make initial tests locally since custom error handling is enabled for remote visitors so if you access web site remotely you will not be able to see full information about error messages (if there are any).