Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 10:12

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

What's new:

[+] Two new options added to "External application will control activation process" feature:

- "Show error message if external application is missing" option.

If selected, protected application will show error message if not able to run external application.

If not selected, protected application will just silently exit.

- "Pass command line parameters" option.

If selected, protected application will pass command line parameters to external application.

[*] Protection code will now generate full path to external application which should be located in same directory as protected application in order to prevent problems in case application is run with different startup directory.

[*] Demo mode: The way protected application is handling displaying of activation dialog with demo counters based on status of display limitation counter option, threshold value and special key pop-up feature has been rewritten and additionally documented.

Updated documentation is available at:


[*] Smart dll handling feature has been improved.

[*] External application filename length has been increased to 40 chars.

[!] Flexible machine locking settings: error was reported in case no hardware locks were set as changeable and all software locks are marked as changeable.

[!] Fixed problem with license extension of application with limited license disabled via activation code and with at least one of limitations expired.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with latest one.