Function will generate file with serial numbers.

Definition and parameters

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int __stdcall \
GenerateSerialNumbers(char* app_sign, char* seed, DWORD sn_first, DWORD sn_last, DWORD sn_features, char* sn_output, BOOL  sn_gen_id);

Parameter Description
app_sign Pointer to application signature string value.
seed Pointer to serial numbers seed string value.
sn_first First serial to be generated (1 - 65535)
sn_last Last serial to be generated (1 - 65535)
sn_features Custom features value.
sn_output Full path to output file (serials will be saved to this file)
sn_gen_id Generate serial numbers id's flag (0 - No, 1 - Yes)


Custom feature value (sn_features) is a DWORD (32bit value) where each bit represents one feature. Bit 0-15 represents custom features 1-16.

Pass required parameters and check return code.

Return values

If the function succeeds, output filename with serial number is generated and return value is STATUS_OK.

In case of error one of the following values is returned:


Full list of return codes is available here.