Activation report contains information about generated activation code or activation file.

ac generator activation report

- Click on '...' button to set report filename. 

- Click on '>' button to open report file in Notepad.


- Default activation report filename is "activation.txt". 

- Application signature and Program ID values are not included in protection report in case 'Hide options' option was enabled for project file.

- Custom features are not included in protection report in case 'Hide features' option was enabled in AC Generator project file.

Here is sample basic activation report about generated activation code:

REPORT: Activation report
created by: AC Generator 06.00.0350
created on: Thu Jul 21 10:39:54 2017
Application signature            TESTAPP
Program ID                         123456781234567812345678

Site code                          846B3E02
Machine ID (MID)              8B82-EFFB-CD84-6D32

HD ID                              344
MB BIOS ID                      946
OS ID                              8
CPU ID                            47
NET ID                            709
HD HW ID                        29
CD/DVD HW ID                125

Activation code:                71174B1A-E0A7A4FC-739CB8A0-D26100BA
Removal code:                 BEF477D8

Custom features:                Yes
Features (value):                524364
Feature 03                         Yes
Feature 04                         Yes
Feature 07                         Yes

END OF REPORT (Thu Jul 21 10:39:54 2017)