AC Generator project files are encrypted binary files which can be generated from any PC Guard V6 family product from AC Generator panel (Activation menu).

Generated project files can then be used (loaded) with licensed copies of AC Generator. 

Structure of AC Generator project files

AC Generator project file contains the following information:

1. Data required for generation of activation codes (from project settings) like Program ID, Application signature, SN seed value etc.

2 Different control options:

- Limit number of licenses which can be generated with project file

- Disable displaying or editing of Program ID

- Enable or disable the following features:

  1. Extended activation
  2. Serial number validation
  3. Custom features
  4. Generation of activation files

3. Default values from project settings for different data such as:

  1. default custom counters
  2. default custom features
  3. default demo/limited license limitations
  4. default user information data
  5. default titles for custom features and custom counters as features
  6. default activation filename
  7. default updates policy

Generation of project files

1. Use "Activation/AC Generator panel" menu item to open AC Generator panel in any PC Guard family product.

ac generator panel

2. Set required options

Limited licensing
Select to limit number of issued licenses for this parameters file.

    Maximum number of issued licenses
    Maximum number of activation codes that can be generated with this parameters file (per computer).

    Display counter of activation codes
    Select to enable counter of activation codes inside AC Generator.

Disable options editing
Select to disable editing of options.

    Hide options
    All options will be hidden from AC Generator user and will not be included in activation report.

Enable extended activation
Select to enable extended activation.

Enable serial number validation
Select to enable serial number validation. This option is available only in case serial numbers feature is enabled in project settings.

Enable activation file feature
Select to enable generation of activation files.

Merge Site/MID codes into single code
If enabled, Site code and MID code will be merged and displayed as single site-mid code.

Enable custom features
Select to enable custom features.

    Disable editing of features
    User will be able to see but not to change custom features.

    Hide features
    User will not be able to see custom features at all. Activation report will not contain information about enabled features.

Full path to AC Generator project file
Enter the full path to AC Generator project filename or press '...' button to browse for it.

3. Click on "GENERATE" button to generate AC Generator project file.