In case single EXE application with multiple DLL modules is protected with remote protection settings we usually need activation dialog to be displayed for main EXE application only. In this way licensing for complete setup (exe application and all dll modules) would be handled by main exe application. 

This means that we should disable all dialog displaying options for both demo and limited license for DLL files.

The following options should be turned OFF for DLL files:

DEMO settings:

- Display date limitation counter
- Display execution limitation counter
- Always display activation dialog box

Limited license settings:

- Display license expiration counter

We also need to enable "Special key pop-up option" so that activation dialog is not displayed for license management tasks like license removal or transfer:

- Set "Special key pop-up enabled" option.
- Select all keys: CTRL, Scroll lock, SHIFT, Caps.
- Keep "Display activation dialog on startup..." option turned OFF.

In this way activation dialog would be displayed for main EXE application only.

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