Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 10:51

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

PC Guard Software Protection System

What's new:

[+] "Check locally administered MAC address (NET ID)" option added to machine locking settings. (Default: OFF)

This option is valid in case NET ID (MAC address locking) is enabled.

If selected and in case detected MAC address is locally administered, protection code will try to determine original MAC address of network adapter. In case of failure, such adapter will not be used for locking.

Additionally, if NET ID is marked as mandatory protection code will not use network adapter with locally administered MAC address in case it is not able to determine original MAC address.

[+] Validate project option added to Project menu.

By default, all project settings are validated when protection process is started.

Use this option to validate current project settings before actually trying to protect application.

[*] Web licensing: serial number is now preserved in case of machine locking error or any other event resulting in license reset.

Next time application is run and requires reactivation original serial number will be automatically filled for end user.

Another new feature is that at this point end user can just click on Continue button and reactivate license or if required change original serial number to new one.

In case original serial number is changed by end user to different one, protection code will not proceed with reactivation but will try to obtain new license with new serial number.

[!] Web licensing: fixed problem with reactivation of license in case license is manually removed from ACEN by admin user.

[*] ACEN server settings panel now includes information if required installed web service interface modules are installed.

If correct versions are installed version number will be green. If invalid versions are installed version number will be red.

[*] Protection report now includes the following additional status information:

- Is interface dll required for protected application (yes/no)

- Is license file required for protected application (yes/no)

This is just a status note. License data is automatically handled by protection code.

- Is license data shared between applications protected with same settings. (yes/no)

[*] Last open (LastOpen) and last save (LastSave) date/time information is now by default saved to project file (PRJSTATS section) each time it is opened or saved.

[*] All hardware locks are now marked with (HW).

[!] Multiple other minor fixes, optimizations and security improvements.

[>] Flexible locking is now enabled for all PC Guard products.

[>] For those who are using PC Guard on some really old machines, protection interface (pcgint) modules (which are required for successful compilation of application using advanced protection interface) can now be used even on old Windows XP machines. Windows XP SP2 was required so far.