Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - 11:38
PC Guard Software Protection System

New service build for PC Guard Software Protection System has been released today.

What's new in this release:

[+] New ACEN related command line options for protected applications.


Use this option to set ACEN Client ID from command line.


Set ACEN Order ID from command line.

-PCG_CL_LICENSE_NOTE [License note]

Set ACEN license note from command line.

All of above options are valid for locked application only as they are used for activation process. They will have no effect if provided from command line after application is activated.
TIP: Activation of licenses with standard licensing model can be automated from command line by using above options in conjunction with PCG_CL_AUTO_ACTIVATE command line option. Both client id and order id has to be set from command line in this case. License note is not mandatory.

[+] Default projects folder option added to System settings.

This folder will be used as starting folder when opening or saving project files.

[*] System settings are now reorganized in to two different sections (General and Notifications)

[+] Added support for PyInstaller 6.x one-folder applications.

PyInstaller 6.x changed the way one-folder bundles are generated. All files except the main executable are now located in a sub-directory (_internal). PC Guard will check for this sub-folder during protection process and will show a warning message if it is not detected.