List of main Activation center (ACEN) features

Centralize and easily manage information

ACEN allows you to manage information about your clients, programs, orders and licenses.

No limitations!

Manage unlimited number of administrator users, clients, orders, programs and licenses.

Full control

Activation center is installed on your own server and fully controlled by your staff.

2 licensing models: Standard & Web

Choose different licensing model for each program accordingly to your specific needs.

Standard licensing model

Each license is identified by Customer, Order and Program and requires valid client account and order data in activation center.

Web licensing model

Each license is identified by Program and Serial Number pair only. No customer or order data is required.

Administrator interface

Administrator users can add/modify/delete information about Programs, Clients, Orders, Licenses and Web licenses, manage database users, groups and authorization profiles, review audit logs, set activation rules...

Client interface (standard licensing)

Clients can manage their licenses (activate, reactivate, remove and transfer) and personal information 24/7 online.

Clients can create new accounts and add new orders

Let clients create new accounts and add new orders with valid serial numbers.

Authorization profiles for administrator users

Authorize administrator users per your own requirements.

Source code version available!

Freely modify source code version to suit your specific needs.

ACEN Web service

Manage clients, orders, licenses and web licenses directly from protected application.

Serial numbers support

ACEN fully supports serial numbers feature.

Support for limited license feature

Control and track limited licenses.

Support for all PC Guard editions

All PC Guard family products are supported by ACEN.