Activation center (ACEN) is a ready-made, full featured ASP .NET WEB application for management of clients, programs, orders and licenses with flexible automated activation system for programs protected with PC Guard family products.


ACEN supports programs protected with:

PC Guard V6 family products:

- PC Guard for .NET64 V6
- PC Guard for Win64 V6
- PC Guard for .NET V6
- PC Guard for Win32 V6

PC Guard V5 family products:

- PC Guard for .NET V5
- PC Guard for Win32 V5


Activation center supports programs protected with REMOTE and PLAIN protection method.


Activation center (ACEN) is available in two different versions:

1. SOURCE CODE version

This version comes with full ASP .NET source code which can be freely modified to suit your specific needs.

2. PRE-COMPILED version

Precompiled version, without ASP .NET source code.


The following additional components are included in each copy of activation center:

1. AC Generator for .NET

Web component for generation of activation codes.

2. Activation web service

This web service can be used from any desktop application.

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