Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 10:10

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

PC Guard Software Protection System

What's new:

[+] New sample projects:

- altpcgi_wpf_csharp

C# .NET Framework WPF application using alternate protection interface, custom activation dialog and license removal feature.

- altpcgi_netcore_csharp_sample

C# .NET Core (.NET 5) console application using alternate protection interface.

[+] New system settings options:

- "Enable project file statistics (PRJSTATS)" option (Default: ON)

Use this option to enable/disable saving of last open and save times to PRJSTATS section in project file each time project file is loaded or saved.

- "Default backup extension" option (Default: "_OLD")

Use this option to change default backup extension to custom value.

- ".NET Core warnings" option (Default: ON)

If enabled, warnings related to .NET Core and .NET 5 applications will be displayed during protection process.

- "C++ redistributables notification" option added. (Default: ON)

Select to enable notification about required C++ redistributable files for applications protected with ACEN web licensing feature.

[*] Improved detection of .NET Core / .NET 5 bootstrap applications.

[*] Detection of .NET Core / .NET 5 AnyCpu applications added.

Error message with suggestion that application should be compiled for x86 or x64 platform instead is displayed if .NET Core / .NET 5 AnyCpu application is detected.

[!] Fixed problem with different output filename extension check.

[!] Multiple other minor fixes and optimizations.

[>] Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files which are required for ACEN web licensing are no longer included in distribution package.

Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files (x86/x64) for Visual Studio 2019 can be downloaded from https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/