Current list of result codes for ACEN web service:

ID Value Description
STATUS_CREDENTIALS_MISSING 2 Username and/or Password is missing
STATUS_NOT_ALLOWED 3 Operation can not be performed due to security restrictions
STATUS_INVALID_SITE_CODE 4 Site code is invalid or missing
STATUS_INVALID_MID_CODE 5 Machine ID (MID) code is invalid or missing
STATUS_INVALID_ACTIVATION_CODE 6 Activation code is invalid or missing
STATUS_INVALID_ACTIVATION_PERIOD 8 Limited license: invalid activation period
STATUS_ACTIVATION_ERROR 9 System is unable to calculate activation code
STATUS_FLEXIBLE_LICENSING_ERROR 10 (Client) License can not be updated as too many locking parameters are different
STATUS_DATABASE_ERROR 11 Database read/write operation error
STATUS_SERIAL_NUMBER_IN_USE 12 Serial number is already in use
STATUS_SERIAL_NUMBER_INVALID 13 Serial number is invalid
STATUS_SERIAL_NUMBER_BLACKLISTED 14 Serial number is blacklisted
STATUS_CLIENT_DATA_INVALID 15 Client data is invalid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_CLIENT_ALREADY_EXISTS 16 Client with provided ClientID already exists
STATUS_CLIENT_MISSING 17 There is no client with provided ClientID
STATUS_CLIENT_DELETE_ERROR 18 Client can not be deleted (there are existing orders)
STATUS_CLIENT_DISABLED 19 Client is disabled
STATUS_ORDER_MISSING 20 There is no order with provided OrderID
STATUS_ORDER_DATA_INVALID 21 Order data is invalid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_ORDER_ALREADY_EXISTS 22 Order with provided OrderID already exists
STATUS_ORDER_DELETE_ERROR 23 Order can not be deleted (there are existing licenses)
STATUS_PROGRAM_MISSING 24 There is no product with provided ProductID
STATUS_PRODUCT_LIMLIC_EXPIRED 25 Limited license has expired
STATUS_PRODUCT_DATA_INVALID 26 Product information is invalid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_PRODUCT_ALREADY_EXISTS 27 Product already exists
STATUS_PRODUCT_DELETE_ERROR 28 Product can not be deleted (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_PRODUCT_WEB_LICENSING_ERROR 29 Web licensing is disabled for this product
STATUS_LICENSE_MISSING 30 There is no license with provided activation code
STATUS_LICENSE_ALL_IN_USE 31 (Client) All available licenses are in use
STATUS_LICENSE_ALREADY_EXISTS 32 Same license already exists
STATUS_LICENSE_NO_ACTIVE_LICENSES 33 There are no active licenses to be removed or updated
STATUS_LICENSE_DATA_INVALID 34 License data is invalid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_LICENSE_INVALID_NOTE 35 Invalid license note
STATUS_LICENSE_ALREADY_REMOVED 36 License is already marked as removed
STATUS_LICENSE_EXPIRED 37 Limited license has expired
STATUS_REMOVAL_CODE_INVALID 38 Removal code is invalid
STATUS_REMOVAL_CODE_MISSING 39 Removal code is missing
STATUS_GROUP_MISSING 40 There is no group with provided GroupID
STATUS_GROUP_DATA_INVALID 41 Group data is not valid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_GROUP_ALREADY_EXISTS 42 Group with same GroupID already exists
STATUS_GROUP_INUSE 43 Group is in use
STATUS_EMAILTEMPLATE_MISSING 44 Email template can not be found
STATUS_EMAILTEMPLATE_DATA_INVALID 45 Email template data is not valid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_EMAILTEMPLATE_ALREADY_EXISTS 46 Email template already exists
STATUS_USER_MISSING 47 There is no user with provided UserID
STATUS_USER_DATA_INVALID 48 User data is invalid (see Description for exact error)
STATUS_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS 49 User already exists
STATUS_MACHINE_LOCKING_POLICY_INVALID 50 Machine locking policy is invalid
STATUS_INVALID_MERGED_SITEMID_CODE 51 Invalid merged site-mid codes
STATUS_HOST_TEMPORARILY_BANNED 52 Remote host temporarily banned from accessing web service
STATUS_NEWS_ITEM_INVALID 53 Invalid news entity
STATUS_NEWS_ITEM_MISSING 54 News item is missing
STATUS_LOGIN_DISABLED 55 Login is disabled
STATUS_HOST_PERMANENTLY_BANNED 67 Remote host permanently banned
STATUS_HOST_INVALID_ADDRESS 68 Invalid host address