This method will validate serial number.

Definition (VB.NET)

<WebMethod()> _
Public Function ValidateSerialNumber (ProductID As Integer, SerialNumber As String) As Result


No authorization is required for this method.


Name Type Description
ProgramID Integer Program ID value
SerialNumber  String Serial number value

Return values

In case serial number is valid Result.Status will return STATUS_SUCCESS.

In case of error this method will always return STATUS_SERIAL_NUMBER_INVALID error code.


Detailed information about serial number validation error will not be provided for security reasons since no authorization is required for this method. Validation error may be result of invalid ProductID value, invalid SerialNumber value or in case serial number is valid but is blacklisted.

If serial number is valid Result.Description will not include information about serial number id and features.

By default, brute force protection is enabled for all web service methods. This method includes additional wait time protection and wait time is increased each time invalid serial number is provided to this method.