This method will reactivate existing web license on original computer.

Definition (VB.NET)

<WebMethod()> _
Public Function ReactivateWebLicense(ProductID As Integer, SerialNumber As String, WebLicenseID As Integer, SiteCode As String, MID As String, Note As String) As Result


No authorization is required for this method.


Name Type Description
ProductID Integer Product ID value
SerialNumber String Serial number
WebLicenseID String ID of original web license (see notes)
SiteCode String Site code value
MID String Machine ID (MID) value
Note String License note (max 30 characters long)

Return values

In case of success:

- Result.Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS

- Result.ActivationCode is set to valid activation code.

- Result.WebLicenseID is set to ID of new web license

In case of error appropriate error status code is returned.


- WebLicenseID parameter should be considered as required parameter. However, if WebLicenseID is not provided (WebLicenseID  = 0) and if only single license is granted per serial number (in program settings) web service will automatically try to find and reactivate such license.

- WebLicenseID is generated each time new web license is added to database by using AddWebLicense, ReactivateWebLicense or TransferWebLicense method and is stored in Result structure.

- Application should make a backup of WebLicenseID value each time new web license is created so that it can be used later for license reactivation.

Custom features, custom counters and expiration date (in case limited license is enabled) from original web license will be used for generation of new activation code.

- License expiration date can be changed from administrator interface for each limited web license.