This method will report web license as alive to ACEN.

Definition (VB.NET)

<WebMethod()> _
Public Function WebLicenseAlive(ByVal ProgramID As Integer, ByVal SerialNumber As String, ByVal SiteCode As String, ByVal MID As String) As Result


No authorization is required for this method.


Name Type Description
ProgramID Integer Program ID value
SerialNumber String Serial number
SiteCode String Site code value
MID String Machine ID (MID) value

Return values

In case of success:

- Result.Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS

In case of error appropriate error status code is returned.


This method will report web license as "alive" (active) to ACEN. 

Protected application could make this call once a day or as required. Each time this method is called ACEN will save current server date/time to web license details. Last saved time can be reviewed in web license details ("Last alive call" field).

In this way ACEN administrators can determine if web license is still in use on remote computer.