This method will check for existing web license.

Definition (VB.NET)

<WebMethod()> _
Public Function GetWebLicense(ProductID As Integer, SerialNumber As String, SiteCode As String, MID As String) As Result


No authorization is required for this method.


Name Type Description
ProductID Integer Product ID value
SerialNumber String Serial number
SiteCode String Site code value
MID String Machine ID (MID) value

Return values

In case of success:

- Result.Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS

- Result.ActivationCode is set to valid activation code.

- Result.WebLicenseID is set to web license ID.

In case of error appropriate error status code is returned  (STATUS_LICENSE_MISSING).


Use this method to check for existing web license after activation.

If application is activated on local computer and this method is reporting error (STATUS_LICENSE_MISSING) application should consider removing license from local computer since license is no longer available in ACEN (removed manually by ACEN admin).