This method will add new order for appropriate client.

Definition (VB.NET)

<WebMethod(), SoapHeader("AuthSoapHeader")> _
Public Function AddOrder(ByVal OrderID As Integer, _
                              ByVal ClientID As String, _
                              ByVal ProductID As Integer, _
                              ByVal OrderDate As String, _
                              ByVal NetSales As Decimal, _
                              ByVal NetDiscount As Decimal, _
                              ByVal ServiceFee As Decimal, _
                              ByVal TotalSales As Decimal, _
                              ByVal NumberOfLicenses As Integer, _
                              ByVal GrantedLicenses As Integer, _
                              ByVal SerialNumber As String, _
                              ByVal PaymentType As String, _
                              ByVal Note As String, _
                              ByVal Refunded As Boolean, _
                              ByVal RefundDate As String, _
                              ByVal RefundedAmount As Decimal, _
                              ByVal ChargedBack As Boolean, _
                              ByVal ChargebackDate As String, _
                              ByVal ChargedBackAmount As Decimal, _
                              ByVal Features As Integer, _
                              ByVal Active As Boolean _
                              ) As Result


This method can be used by administrator users only.


OrderIDIntegerUnique order ID value
ClientIDStringUnique client ID value
ProductIDIntegerUnique product ID value 
OrderDateStringOrder date
NetSalesDecimalNet sales amount
NetDiscountDecimalNet discount amount
ServiceFeeDecimalService fee amount
TotalSalesDecimalTotal sales amount
NumberOfLicensesIntegerNumber of purchased licenses
GrantedLicensesIntegerNumber of granted licenses
SerialNumberStringSerial number value
PaymentTypeStringPayment type
RefundedBooleanRefunded flag
RefundDateStringDate of refund
RefundedAmountDecimalRefund amount
ChargedBackBooleanChargeback flag
ChargebackDateStringDate of chargeback
ChargedBackAmountDecimalChargeback amount
FeaturesIntegerCustom features
ActiveBooleanActive flag

Return values

In case of success:

- Result.Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS

- Status.OrderID is set to new order id value

In case of error appropriate error status code is returned.


- If provided OrderID is zero, new valid OrderID will be auto-generated.

- If provided value for the following parameters is zero, appropriate values from Program data will be used:

- Features
- NetSales
- NetDiscount
- ServiceFee
- TotalSales

- Be sure to save returned OrderID value so you can use it when required with other methods for handling orders.