Monday, October 19, 2020 - 09:00

New build for Activation center (ACEN) has been released.

What's new:

activation center screenshot

[+] Permanent ban feature added.

If brute force protection is enabled in security settings ACEN will automatically temporarily ban remote users after defined maximum number of failures. Failures include standard login and web service login authorization errors and web service errors.

It's now possible to permanently ban specific remote hosts by adding their IP address to permanently banned hosts list.

These hosts will be permanently banned from accessing ACEN.

Following options are currently available:

- Ban single IP address (add IP address to the list)
- Unban single IP address (remove IP address from the list)
- Check if IP address is on the list (search for IP address)
- Delete complete list of banned hosts with single button.

New error codes:

STATUS_HOST_PERMANENTLY_BANNED = 67 ' Remote host permanently banned
STATUS_HOST_INVALID_ADDRESS = 68 ' Invalid host address

[*] Web service: web licensing methods logging extended.

[*] Web licensing changes:

Administrator user can change note and expiration date (limited web license) for any active web license.

New expiration date no longer has to be valid (future) expiration date.

Each time expiration date is changed new (different) activation code will be generated for web license.

Database log entry for updated web license now includes web license id, note and new expiration date.

Removed web license can not be updated.

[+] GridLog logs control added.

[*] Multiple other optimizations and fixes.


If you are upgrading from previous (04.95.00) version be sure to run included database upgrade script (4.95.00-5.00.00.sql).

General upgrading procedure is available here.