Program data has to be based on PC Guard project settings which were used for protection of application with web licensing option enabled.

STEP 1: Open ACEN and go to programs page.

Activation center programs page

STEP 2: Click on "Add new" button to add new program.

STEP 3: Set Program ID, Name and Application signature value.

- Program ID is an integer number that uniquely identifies each program in ACEN. (This is not the same as Program ID value in remote settings")

- Name is Program name, you can use "Application name" value from project settings for this field.

- Application signature should be set to "Application signature" value from project settings.

Activation center program basic data

In above example, Program ID is set to 2, Name to "Test program" and Application signature is set to "ASDSA12ASA".

STEP 4: Enable Activation and set activation options.

- PC Guard version should be set to 6.

- Program ID (PC Guard) should be set to Program ID value from remote protection settings.


Enable limited license and set required options if you are using limited license feature.

Program activation settings

STEP 5: Enable Web licensing and set number of granted web licenses per serial number (default: 1)

Program web licensing options

In above example number of granted web license per serial number is set to 3. This means that same serial number can be used for license activation on three different computers.

STEP 6: Enable Serial numbers and set required options.

- Seed value should be set to Seed value from serial number settings in PC Guard.

- Same goes for First valid and Last valid serial number values.

- Leave "Client can create account and add new orders with valid serial" option unchecked.

Program serial number settings

STEP 7: Click on "Add" button to add new program to ACEN.


You are now done and ready to set web licensing options in PC Guard if you are going to use out-of-the-box support for web licensing in PC Guard.