New builds for all Activation suite (ACCS) components have been released today.

AC Generator is now distributed as packaged setup installer for easier deployment.

Documentation for all components have been migrated from offline .chm files to online documentation.

AC Generator

AC Generator WEB

AC Generator API

New PC Guard V6 service build has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard V6 users!

What's new:

[#] Help system migrated to online user guide at:

Instead of opening local .chm help file PC Guard will now use online User guide.

Protection interface help and RTE help is still available in .chm help format and can be accessed from main help menu.

New PC Guard V6 service build has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard V6 users!

What's new:

[+] Mandatory locks feature added to machine locking.

Each locking method (lock) can now be marked as mandatory in machine locking options.

By default, all locking methods are not mandatory. 

For example, if NET ID is NOT marked as mandatory (default) and if Ethernet network adapter is not present on remote machine, protection code will just set NET ID to 0, obtain other locks and generate site/mid codes for remote computer.

If NET ID is marked as mandatory protected application will require presence of at least one Ethernet network interface on remote computer. In this way you can "force" locking to MAC address of network interface.

If lock is marked as mandatory and if protection code is not able to obtain such lock on remote computer error message "Unable to obtain lock!" (Lock_Unavailable message in language editor) will be displayed to end user.

Error message will also include error code so that missing mandatory lock can be identified accordingly to the following table:

lock id        error code
HD ID        1
BIOS ID     2
OS ID        3
NET ID      4
CPU ID      5


Application will display error message on each run until it is able to obtain mandatory lock. Activation dialog will not be displayed at all and user will not be able to activate application until protection code is able to obtain mandatory lock.

Locks from remote machine can be reviewed by decoding MID codes. 

[*] New error message added to language editor.

"This activation code can be used for license extension only!" error message added to language editor (Lic_Ext_Code_Error).

This error message will now be displayed instead of "Invalid Activation code!" (Invalid_Activation_Code) message in case license extension activation code (marked with special license extension flag) is used for activation of locked application which should make error message more clear for both you and end users.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with latest one.