Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 11:39

The launch of our new website!

After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website!

We hope you find that the new website has a fresh and modern look with better and easier access to information about our products and services.

We'd love to hear what you think about it! For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please contact us.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 11:17

PC Guard Software Protection System 06.00.0190 is out!

What's new in this update:

[>] Microsoft Windows updates KB3126587 and KB3126593, which were released on 9 February, 2016, are incompatible with 64bit protected applications which require interface dll.

Affected versions of PC Guard: PC Guard for Win64, PC Guard for .NET64

Affected operating systems: Windows 7 64bit

This update includes a quick fix for this issue.

[+] Added support for Neobook 5.8.6 applications.

[>] All PC Guard family products are now dual signed.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with this one.

What's new in this update:

[+] New updates policy option:

"Allow upgrade to this version for a limited range of previous updates"

Only updates with update id value between start - end values (including start and end value) will be allowed to upgrade to this version. If existing update id on remote computer is outside set range this update will not be allowed to run.

[*] Some updates policy settings were renamed in order to make their purpose more clear.

[+] Customization settings: "V5 custom license filename" option added.

If you were using custom license filename for V5 protected applications you need to set V5 custom license filename here. Custom license filename value (if defined) has to be different from this value. This option is required for "Detect existing V5 license" feature in case you were using custom license filename for V5 protected applications.

[*] Smart dll handling feature improved.

[+] New protection interface structure members.

[*] Activation file will now hold full updates policy in case appropriate option is enabled.

[!] PC Guard .NET64/Win64: Windows Server 2012 R2 fix.

[!] Few other minor bug fixes.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with this one.


Protection interface structure has been changed in this release. Although it's still compatible (structure size is unchanged) with previous release we suggest updating existing protection interface definitions in your applications so you can access new data. Updated protection interface documentation and new version of pcgint.h are also included in this update.

What's new in this update:

[*] TLS management improved.

[+] General settings: "Preserve original file date and time" option added.

If selected, PC Guard will preserve application's original file date and time information. Output (protected) application will have the same file date/time information as original copy. Default value: OFF

[*] Activation panel: Custom features: special flags.

It's now possible to select both "License extension" and "Disable limited license" special flags.

Selection of flags is additionally controlled accordingly to enabled project features (demo mode and limited license). "Demo mode extension" special flag can not be selected together with "Disable limited license" or/and "License extension" flag.

[*] Smart dll handling feature improved.

[*] Activation report now includes information about enabled special flags.

[!] In case of demo mode + date limitation + display date limitation counter + displaying threshold set + special key pop-up option activation dialog could not be invoked with special key(s) during the period before threshold is reached.

[!] Few other minor bug fixes.

What's new in this update:

[*] OS ID was reported as 0 for some 32bit applications running under 64bit Windows.

[+] Option for invoking activation dialog via command line. (BETA) Special key pop-up option is ignored in case this option is provided from command line and activation dialog is displayed regardless of special key pop-up keys status.

[*] Windows 10 compatibility.

[*] Improved support for Xojo (http://www.xojo.com) applications.

[*] Reset license button can now reset local license status for any protection method, not only remote protection.

[!] Fixed issue with generating removal code via protection interface in case flexible licensing is enabled and change of locks within allowed flexibility. Removal code was based on changed site/mid codes due to changed lock(s) and not on original codes.

[!] Few other minor bug fixes.