PC Guard is using project files (with .prj extension) for storing project settings.

Project files are text files and can be viewed and edited manually but we don't recommend doing this. Make changes to your project settings in PC Guard and then save settings to project file instead.

Keep backup of your project files. Project files are required for generation of valid activation codes for your application, generation of serial numbers and so on. They contain important security data that was used for protection of your applications so keep them safe and secure.

Common mandatory project settings

The following project settings are mandatory (required for any protection method) and common for all protection methods:

- Application signature
Application signature uniquely identifies project files and thus protected application on remote computer. Applications protected with same application signature will share the same license information on remote computers.

- Application name
String value with maximal length of 40 characters which describes your program (for example: "Text editor PRO V4.0").  Protected application will use this information as window title when interacting with end user.

- Application filename
Full path to application to be protected. Use '...' button to browse for application. This field can be set directly from command line by using -FILE command line option (see command line interface for more information).

You will find these options in 'Settings/Application info' section.

Common optional project settings

- General settings  ('Settings/General' tab)

- Security settings  ('Settings/Security tab)

- Encryption settings ('Settings/Encryption' tab)

- Demo mode settings ('Settings/Demo mode' tab)

- Password protection ('Settings/Password protection' tab)

- IP filtering settings ('Settings/IP filtering' tab)

- Logging settings (('Settings/Logging' tab)

- Protection interface settings ('Settings/Protection interface' tab)

- Customization settings ('Settings/Customization' tab)

- Reports ('Settings/Reports tab)

- System settings

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