ACEN server settings

ACEN Web service URL

Full path (URL) to Activation center (ACEN) web service. URL must start with "http://" or "https://"


This option is mandatory for web licensing feature.


Valid ACEN user (admin) username.


Valid ACEN user (admin) password.

Test button

Click on Test button to test connection to ACEN server.

Connection to ACEN web server service will be tested. This feature requires ACEN server 04.11.00 and later.

In case of successful connection appropriate message will be displayed together with information about remote ACEN server version.

Show standard errors

If enabled, protected application will display standard error messages. (Default: ON)

If disabled, messages will not be displayed but will still be logged if logging is enabled.

Standard messages are the following messages that can be changed in language editor and are related to ACEN web licensing:

- AWS_Missing ("Activation web service interface is missing!")

- AWS_WrongVersion ("Wrong version of activation web service modules!")

- AWS_BannedError ("License can not be activated on this computer!")

- Demo_SystemTime_Error ("System date/time error! Please correct your system date/time.")

Show exceptions

If enabled, protected application will display error messages with error code and description related to ACEN web licensing before closing. (Default: ON)

If disabled, messages will still be logged if logging is enabled.

If returned status code is 0, protected application will return standard error return code (20000) on exit.


Username/Password is required for testing connection to ACEN web server and validating programs for web licensing.

ACEN admin username will be saved to project settings. Password will not be saved together with other project settings for security reasons.

Password value should be set when access to ACEN from PC Guard is required  (for testing connection to ACEN server and validating program for web licensing).