By default, change in any of selected locking parameters will result in license reset. Application will erase current license, change site/mid codes and request new activation code.

Flexible machine locking feature will allow you to customize default locking policy and to make it more flexible.

Remote protection: machine locking settings


'Changeable' flag is available for each locking parameter. 

If not selected, protection code will not allow changes for appropriate locking parameter. This is default behavior.

If selected, protection code will allow changes in locking parameter.

If multiple hardware locking parameters are 'changeable' protection code will not reset license as long as total number of changes is lower than defined maximum number of allowed hardware changes.

Changes tracking is not cumulative. For example. lock can change from original value and then change back to original (no change will be detected) or some different value (change will still be detected as change in single lock). Protection code will count total number of different (from original values) locks and compare it to selected number of allowed hardware changes.

Maximum number of allowed hardware changes must be lower than total number of 'changeable' hardware locking parameters.

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