activation centerNext minor update of Activation center (ACEN) will bring flexible locking policy to new (Program) level.

From next update flexible locking options will be available on both system and Program level. 

System (default) flexible locking policy is defined in ACEN options. These settings are stored in acen configuration file.

What is new is that custom flexible locking policy can now be defined for each program. Even more, flexible locking can now be turned off completely in Program settings.

After installing new update and upgrading database, flexible locking will be enabled for all existing programs in database. By default, all programs will be set up to use default system flexible locking policy.

Final testing is underway and we expect to release new version of Activation center (ACEN) soon.

As always, we are looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

New build for Activation center (ACEN) has been released.

What's new:

[+] New options added to Order entity.

- "Order is visible in client interface" option (default: ON)

If enabled, order will be displayed in client interface. (default) 

If disabled, client will not be able to see this order in the list of his orders. This also means that licenses for such order can be managed by ACEN administrator users only.

- "Client can manage licenses for this order" option (default: ON)

This option is available only if "Order is visible in client interface" option is enabled. Otherwise, it will be disabled in order options.

If enabled, client will be able to manage (add, remove, transfer or reactivate) licenses for this order. (default)

If disabled, client will only be able to review licenses for this order and send activation emails.

[+] Configuration file handling improved.

It is no longer required to manually add options to config files when updating to new version of ACEN. ACEN will automatically add missing options and set them to default values in case options are missing from configuration file.

[+] "Auto send activation email" option added to client interface options

If enabled, ACEN will automatically send email with activation information to all email addresses registered with client’s account each time new license is added by client. Default: OFF

[*] Email handling has been improved.

[+] Support name option added to email options.

This value is used when sending emails from ACEN in conjunction with Support email address option.

[!] Few other minor fixes.

[*] Generation of activation codes for programs with limited license feature enabled improved to avoid problems with users from different time zones. 

They no longer need to wait before they are able to activate application due to time difference between ACEN server and their local time.


General upgrading procedure:

If you are upgrading from 04.40.00 version be sure to run database upgrade script (4.40.00-4.50.00.sql)

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

What's new:

[+] Updates policy panel added to activation panel.

It is now possible to edit specific updates policy from within activation panel for each activation code without changing default updates policy in project settings.

Updates panel includes buttons for reloading default project updates policy (Reload button) and saving currently edited updates policy to project settings as default policy (Save button).

"Limit updates for activated application" and "Change active updates policy on remote computers" options will always be checked and set to read-only on updates policy panel.

Updates policy panel is automatically opened when opening activation panel if activation file feature and updates policy are enabled in remote protection project settings.

If updates policy panel is closed it can be opened again with "Edit" button located next to "Embed updates policy" option.

If "Embed updates policy" option is checked and updates policy panel is closed at the time of generation of activation file, default updates policy settings from project settings will be used as updates policy for activation file.

[+] "Embed updates policy" option added to activation file settings.

This option defines default state of "Embed updates policy" option in activation panel. (Default: OFF)

[*] "Update default updates policy" in updates policy settings has been renamed to "Change active updates policy on remote computers".

[*] Activation panel changes: 

"Embed current updates policy into activation file" option has been renamed to "Embed updates policy".

"Load" button on user info panel has been renamed to "Reload".

[+] New updates panel for checking for latest PC Guard updates.

New panel includes information about latest version, latest version release date and what's new documentation for the latest build.

If there is a new version available "Download" button can be used for accessing our online activation center.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

New build for Activation center (ACEN) has been released.

What's new:

[+] ACEN version info control added to options page.

This control is intended for checking for latest updates of ACEN. 

If there is a new update available this control will provide information about new release version number, release date and list of changes.

Users with valid tech support and updates subscription can obtain latest build 24/7 in our online activation center.

[+] Last login date/time information added to Client and User entities.

Information about last successful login time is now logged and can be reviewed for each ACEN user and client.

[+] Admin dashboard now includes information about currently active ACEN users and clients.

User/Client is considered as currently active if it has been logged in and visiting pages on site within last five minutes.

Detailed information about currently active users and clients can be obtained by clicking on appropriate icons with numbers of currently active users and clients.

[+] GridUsers control added.

[*] Client's password value max length changed from 10 to 20 characters.


Please refer to whatsnew.txt document for information about upgrading procedure for this release.

General upgrading procedure can be reviewed in product documentation.

New PC Guard Software Protection System update has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard users.

What's new:

[+] Custom buttons settings section added to customization settings.

Activation dialog custom buttons settings moved to this section.

[+] Custom buttons added to license removal and license transfer dialogs.

There are now two custom buttons for license removal dialog and two custom buttons for license transfer dialog which can be used for any purpose like opening web page, opening a document or running external application.

[+] Multilingual support for license removal, license transfer and password protection dialogs.

These dialogs will now include additional control for selecting user interface language (same as with activation dialog) in case more then one language is defined in language settings.

Up to now, these dialogs were displayed only in default language as set in project settings.

From now on, these dialogs will be displayed in default language but end user will be able to change interface language.

[+] Removal code macro (%REMOVALCODE%) added to custom buttons action string macros.

[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

[*] Sample custom dialogs VS DLL C++ project with default dialogs has been updated to reflect recent changes.

[>] Interface dll has been updated. Please be sure to update existing version with this one.