All PC Guard editions share the same set of features. 

Advanced software copy protection

Protect software from illegal copying from one computer to another.

Simple and effective protection procedure

PC Guard family products are offering easy and hassle free software copy protection. By default, no source code changes or programming experience is required to accomplish professional software copy protection.

Application encryption

Protect software from reverse engineering and analyzing.

4 protection methods

Choose protection method (PLAIN, REMOTE, NETWORK and USB) accordingly to your specific needs. Easily implement almost any protection scenario!

Application password protection

Protect access to applications with custom password.

Evaluation (trial) version feature

Easily create demo version of software with execution, date, fixed date and timer limitations.

Serial numbers feature

Mark and track each copy of protected software with unique serial number.

Flexible machine locking

Lock software to target computer. Seven locking parameters are available: HD volume ID, Bios ID, OS ID, CPU ID, Network card ID, HD hardware ID and CD/DVD hardware ID which can be made as mandatory or optional with versatile flexible locking system.

USB drive (Flash/HD) locking

Lock software to USB drive (Flash or HD). Protected application can be used only in case valid USB drive is attached to computer.

Secure distribution

Securely distribute software over the Internet or on any read-only distribution media CD/DVD. Protected software can be run directly from read-only media without copying to hard drive.

Secure and simple license management

Enable licenses manually by phone, fax or e-mail from activation panel or automatically over Internet by using ACEN web licensing.

Advanced protection interface system

Easily check license status and interact with protection code directly from your application. More...

License removal feature

Allow your clients to securely remove licenses from their computers.

Limited license feature

Rent or lease software by combining available license limitations (number of runs, number of days, fixed date limitation).

Updates policy feature

Limit free updates by setting updates policy for protected application. Updates policy will define which updates end user can install for free (without new activation code).

Custom features

Easily enable or disable features (modules) inside your application. 16 features can be passed via standard activation code. Up to 320 additional features can be passed via extended activation codes.

License extension feature

Easily update issued license before it expires by using license extension feature. Update custom features, counters and limitations.

Evaluation period extension feature

Easily allow more evaluation time for end users by using demo extension feature by issuing special demo exension activation code.

Runtime encryption system

Fragments of code are marked in source code by using special start and end labels. These fragments of code in compiled application are recognized by PC Guard and are additionally encrypted during protection process. Runtime encrypted code will always stay encrypted in memory.

Languages editor

Manage (edit/load/save) over 70 interface messages for 15 different languages including messages from all interface dialog boxes in languages editor.

Custom dialogs feature

Use your own dialogs instead of default interface dialogs by enabling custom dialogs feature.

IP Filtering system

Easily enable access to protected application only from computers with specific IP addresses or from specific sub-domains. You can define up to 30 different IP filters (unique IP addresses or sub-domains). IP filtering can be combined with any protection method.

Network licensing

Network protection method is suitable for controlling (limiting) number of workstations simultaneously accessing protected program located on network server. You can combine network protection method with IP filtering feature to additionally lock protected program to target network.

Machine ID feature

Securely validate machine locks by decoding Machine ID (MID) in order to prevent false requests for new unlocking codes in the case of HD crash, bios upgrade, disk format, virus attack and similar events.

Auto activate application updates

Auto activation feature is available for protected program updates.

Lock app to installation directory

Lock application protected with remote protection method to its installation directory. Once it's activate, program can be started only from installation directory. This counts for current and all future installations of the same program.

Limit number of application instances

Easily control number of application instances per computer. For applications running under Windows terminal services number of instances is valid per server and not per workstation. You can thus use this feature to implement network floating licensing in such environment.

Custom counters feature

Securely manage (change/save) 10 custom (long integer) counters directly from your application by using protection interface.

Dialogs customizable buttons

Custom buttons can be can be used for any purpose like opening web page, opening a document or running external application. Custom buttons are available for main activation dialog (4 custom buttons), license removal dialog (2 custom buttons) and license transfer dialog (2 custom buttons).

Advanced overlay management (AOM)

Advanced overlay management (AOM) is a new, universal approach for managing protection of non-standard applications with internal overlays.

Support for non-standard applications

Non-standard applications are not using standard Win32 PE (portable executable) but proprietary (special purpose) file format. More...

Activation center (ACEN)

Full featured ASP .NET 4.0 WEB application (available for purchase separately) for online management of clients, programs, orders and licenses with flexible automated activation system. More...

Support for third party licensing

Fully control third party licensing with AC Generator.

Generate activation codes from your application

Generate activation codes on your premisses from your own applications with the help of AC Generator API.

Limit access to Windows users based on user type

Control type of users allowed to access protected application. Available options: All users, Administrator users only, Standard (restricted) users only.

Limit access to Windows users based on network type

Allow access to Windows users based on network they are using: Available options: All users, Workgroup users only, Domain users only.

Limit access to users from single Windows network

Use this feature to allow access to Windows users from specific single domain or workgroup network.

Limit number of logged in Windows users

Use this feature to limit number of logged in Windows users on remote computer that can access protected application.

USB network adapter (MAC address) locking

Lock software to USB network adapter MAC address. Protected application can be used only in case valid USB device is attached to computer.

Support for Python PyInstaller applications

Looking for software copy protection solution for Python applications? Use PyInstaller to package your code and then PC Guard to additionally encrypt and protect packaged applications.