activation suite (accs)
Activation suite (ACCS)
Activation suite (ACCS) is a set of useful tools for PC Guard Software Protection System family products.
activation suite (accs) screenshot

Set of useful tools for users of PC Guard software copy protection system who are looking into developing their own automated activation system or embedding activation functions in their existing customer management system. Activation suite (ACCS) includes: AC Generator (single license), AC Generator API (single license) and AC Generator WEB (single license).

Pricing & Offers
Product Full price Price
Activation suite (ACCS) (Single license)
249.95 EUR
Activation suite (ACCS) (3 Licenses pack)
749.95 EUR
499.95 EUR
Activation suite (ACCS) (5 Licenses pack)
1249.95 EUR
749.95 EUR
Activation suite (ACCS) (10 Licenses pack)
2499.95 EUR
1499.95 EUR