Instead of sending activation code and serial number to end user separately this information can be embedded into single activation file which would be then distributed to end user. 

Even more, activation file can hold additional information like user information and updates policy.

1. Location of activation file

Activation file should be located in same directory with protected application.

2. Name of activation file

Default activation file is named 'LICENSE.DAT' and can be changed in activation file remote protection settings. You can use any filename for activation file. Please note that you should set filename only, not full path to activation file here. Activation filename is stored into application during protection process.

Activation filename can include wildcard characters.

3. When will protected application try to find and load activation file?

Protection code will try to load activation file on each run:

3.1 during demo mode and after demo mode expires if demo mode is enabled.
3.2 until application is activated.
3.3 after application is activated (in case license extension feature is enabled)
3.4 after license expires (if limited license is enabled)

If serial numbers feature is enabled in case of 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 both activation code and valid serial number should be present in activation file. 

In case of 3.3 only activation code is required. This activation code has to be marked with 'License extension' flag. If it's not marked as license extension activation code protection code will not process it and will display error message.

4. Structure of activation file

Activation file is binary, encrypted file which holds the following information:

4.1 Mandatory:

- Activation code (standard or extended)
- User information

User information from activation file will replace default user information stored into application during protection process.

Next time you need to update license, reactivate it or extend it you can send standard or extended activation code only without sending activation file with user information. Protected application will still use user information from original activation file. 

User information can be changed again with new activation file.

4.2 Optional:

- Serial number
- Updates policy

Select "Embed updates policy" option to embed updates policy into activation file. Updates policy from activation file will replace existing updates policy.

5. Generation of activation file

Activation files for protected applications are created in activation panel (activation file section).