By default, activation codes are generated manually from PC Guard.

If you are looking into automating activation process you have two options:

1. Activation center (ACEN) is the right choice in case you want ready-made solution for activation system.

You can centralize, easily manage and track all information about your customers, their orders and licenses with Activation center (ACEN).

Activation center is full featured ASP .NET web application for management of clients, programs, orders and licenses with flexible automated activation system for programs protected with REMOTE and PLAIN protection method.

ACEN supports programs protected with all PC Guard family products (V6/V5)

ACEN also includes the following additional components:
- AC Generator for .NET (web component for calculation of activation codes)

- Activation web service (can be used from standard desktop applications)

ACEN requires Windows WEB server, ASP .NET 4.0 and MS SQL.

Access to Activation center (ACEN) online demo is available on request.

2. Activation suite (ACCS) should be your choice in case you want to develop your own activation system or to embed activation functions in your existing customer management system.

Activation suite (ACCS) provides you with the tools you need to integrate calculation of activation codes into your application (AC Generator API) and over your Internet connection (AC Generator WEB). It also allows you to securely let other authorized parties such as software vendors calculate activation codes for you (AC Generator) with full control over license management process. Sample source code and ASP scripts are provided to get you started right away.