In web licensing model each license is identified by Program ID and Serial Number pair only.

No Client or Order entry is required. This licensing model is useful in case tracking of clients and orders is not required or even not possible.

Web licensing can be used for programs protected with combination of remote protection and serial numbers features only.

The following PC Guard protection scenarios are supported:



Handling of web licenses

Web licensing model is available for each Programs with "Web licensing enabled" option set. See required program settings.
All license handling is done via ACEN web service. This is why live Internet connection is mandatory for license handling (activation, reactivation, license removal and transfer).

Available licensing handling methods are listed here.

License handling is done from protected application and thus requires additional programming.

Protected application has to use advanced protection interface functions in order to be able to handle licensing tasks. The following options should be set in project settings:

- Enable demo mode together with date or exec limitation.

- Set "Protected application will handle expired demo option" option.

- Set "Protected application will handle license management" option to manage license removal, update or license transfer from your code.

- Set "Protected application will handle expired license" option to manage expired limited license from your code.

Number of granted licenses per serial number

Number of granted web licenses per serial number is defined in Program settings (valid values: 1-100, default value: 1) 

Custom features

Custom features stored inside serial number will be used for generation of activation code. If no feature is set in serial number, default program features will be used.

Custom counters

Default program custom counters will be used for generation of new activation codes.

Limited license expiration date

Web license will be set as limited in case limited license is enabled in Program settings.

By default,  expiration date for new web license will be set based on default validity period and fixed date limitation limited license program settings.

When reactivating or transferring web license expiration date from original web license will be used for new web license instead of program settings. Expiration date of original web license can be changed from administrator interface so that next time web license is reactivate or transferred new expiration date will be set for new web license.

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